enliven receives funding from a variety of sources. enliven’s mission is to promote the prevention and control of diseases in human beings with a focus on the social determinants of health.

50% of enliven’s focus is currently on core Primary Care Partnership (PCP) priorities and activities.  The enliven Board recognises the need for effective outcomes to be gained via collective impact, recognising that a whole of government approach is required as well as the pursuit of private sector and philanthropic opportunities.  This diagram summarises enliven’s strategic priorities with an emphasis on PCP core tasks and other opportunities. strategic plan

Startegic goals 1

Startegic goals 2

Startegic goals 3

Improving the organisational capacity of our member agencies and stakeholders to incorporate health literacy principles in their work is fundamental and underpins each of enliven’s strategic priorities. enliven is committed to and will continue to utilise frameworks that support collective impact and community co-design principals