South Eastern Melbourne AOD Catchment Based Plan 2021-24

The 2021- 24 South Eastern Melbourne Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Catchment-based plan (the plan) has been prepared by enliven on behalf of SECADA and SURe. Formulation of the plan involved consolidation of the lessons and positive achievements from the 2018-21 AOD Catchment Based Plan with review and creation of additional priorities and strategies. It included a rigorous data collection and stakeholder engagement process. This included: assessment of client data; secondary data analyses; qualitative consultation with AOD and other sectors, consultation with existing AOD working groups, and administration of an online survey. It also involved consultation with the State-wide AOD Catchment Planners Network.

AOD Catchment Based Plan 2021-24 

Appendices A – F

Appendix A _ Data Insights ReportEpisoft data report

Appendix B _ AOD Needs Assessment Data

Appendix C_ AOD Survey

Appendix D _ AOD Service Directory

Appendix E _ service and staff profiles

Appendix F _ AOD activity for 2019_21 plan

Year 1 Report (Jul 21- Jun 22)

South Eastern Melbourne AOD Catchment Based Plan 2019-21

In late 2018, enliven was engaged to develop the South Eastern Melbourne AOD Catchment Based Plan 2019-21 in collaboration with the SECADA and SURe consortia and stakeholder organisations in the catchment. enliven consulted broadly with services and the community and were pleased to launch the final copy of the plan in January 2019.  We continued to work with AOD and other service providers and our community to implement the plan over a three-year period. If you would like any further information about the plan or its implementation, please contact enliven wishes to thank Windana for the opportunity to coordinate the development and implementation of the plan, and all partners and stakeholders for their untiring commitment to the plan and to working collaboratively to improve access to these vital services and outcomes for all.

AOD Catchment Based Plan 2019-21

Summary document

Appendices A-F

Annual review report (Jan – Dec 2019)

Review report (Jan – Jun 2020)

Interim Review report (Jul – Dec 2020)

Final report (2019-21) and proposed next steps 

Brochure: Alcohol and your health


South East

The above brochure was amended (with permission) to include details of the South East Alcohol and Drug intake service (SECADA) for distribution within our catchment