Events unfolding in Afghanistan

The events unfolding in Afghanistan are very distressing.  As a support network of many Afghan migrants enliven has added its name in support of the Refugee Council of Australia’s Statement, outlining several practical responses that can be made by the Australian Federal Government to offer protection and support to those at grave risk in Afghanistan.

Enliven Victoria supporting RCAs action request

Refugee and asylum seeker health

South eastern Melbourne is a principle site for refugee and asylum seeker resettlement in Australia with approximately 20,000 people from refugee backgrounds living in the City of Greater Dandenong and City of Casey. More recently this population group is moving into the Shire of Cardinia.

In recent years the region has seen a steady increase in the number of people arriving, particularly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka and South Sudan and other African countries.

The City of Greater Dandenong has the largest numbers of people seeking asylum in the country. This highly vulnerable population has significant health needs. Humanitarian migrants often have complex health, mental health and social welfare needs related to traumatic experiences and resettlement challenges. Varying cultural norms and social stigmas can compound poor physical, emotional and social health, and create difficulties in accessing resources and navigating supports.

A coordinated approach that responds to these needs and can adapt to changing circumstances is therefore required for this population to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

enliven works closely with local primary health care providers, settlement and humanitarian services and the community to improve access to quality primary health care and social supports for refugees and people seeking asylum via its work in the following areas:

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