enliven is committed to promoting equal access for the same level of care, opportunities and options regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation. enliven understands the importance of genuine engagement and consultation in planning and developing quality and equitable service provision.

As such, enliven established a LGBTI community reference group in 2016 with the aim of providing a mechanism for communicating with and responding to the needs of LGBTI communities in south east Melbourne.

The work of this group to date has included:

  • Ensuring that LGBTI people are involved in service delivery planning and design
  • Increasing the number of health and social services that apply for and become accredited as Rainbow Tick services
  • Advising on consumer information and content
  • Applying an LGBTI lens to existing facilities, programs and services.

We are currently in the process expanding this group to cover the Frankston Mornington Peninsula and Southern Melbourne PCP catchments. We will also be reviewing the group’s purpose and areas of focus during this process. This work is being led by Wasana Liyanage (enliven Graduate Project Officer) in collaboration with Helen Povall (member of former LGBTI community reference group). Wasana and Helen are being guided in this work by the Collaborative Pairs framework which is provided by the SEM PHN.  We look forward to implementing the new reference group mid 2019. For more information please contact Wasana on wasana@enliven.org.au

For more information please also refer to resources.