In 2016 enliven established and facilitated a LGBTQI+ Community Reference Group (CRG) (serving Cardinia, Casey and Greater Dandenong local government areas.  The CRG was formed in response to a recognition of the importance of consumer/community input to inform member and stakeholder organisations of service improvements. The CRG has responded and provided consumer informed advice, to member organisations and stakeholders including policy and procedure development sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQI+ communities in the catchment.

The current LGBTQI+ Community Reference Group (CRG) provides a hub for communicating with, and responding to, LGBTQI+ people and the LGBTQI+ communities in South East Metropolitan Melbourne.

The LGBTQI+ Community Reference Group remit is to maintain effective links and communication with existing Community Advisory Groups across the south east as well as with the LGBTIQ+ community in an advisory capacity in order to enable respectful and meaningful engagement of consumers and to inform high quality, inclusive and respectful services.

The LGBTQI+ Community Reference Group recently launched a GP Practice Inclusive Toolkit/Website titled “All are Welcom”e.

All are Welcome

This toolkit/website is designed to assist general practices to better respond to the needs of people who are LGBTQI+ and to take steps to ensure their practices are welcoming to all. The toolkit is made up of practical small steps to start GP practices on their journey to inclusive practice, or simply for them to check that they have appropriate processes in place.