A resilient and ready sector

Alongside ARUP and SECCCA and with the support of both State and Federal Governments, enliven are uniting organisations across south east Melbourne to combat climate change.

As part of the first stage of the program, teams from SECCCA and ARUP led a number of ‘Facilitated Resilience Planning’ workshops. These workshops took key local stakeholders through a process of planning for natural disasters with a focus on ensuring continued service delivery and support for vulnerable community members.

The next steps include organisations doing a risk assessment and identifying gaps in their current programs with the support of ARUP and SECCCA. enliven will then develop a strategy for the next two – three years which will focus on supporting all members at different stages of their work, and where possible facilitating collaborative efforts.

Walking the talk

Although enliven are not a provider of client-services per se, we do have many important touchpoints with the community through our partnerships and project work. A driving force behind our work is an intent to support vulnerable population groups. So we have taken the TAKE2 Pledge.

This initiative provides free support and advice to organisations about reducing their contribution to climate change. We encourage all our partners to also considering taking the pledge.

Resourcing change

The Climate Change Adaptation for Health and Social Services book, published by CSIRO and produced by La Trobe University and enliven, is a resource that addresses concerns from the health and community services sector, including local government about how to respond to climate change and its impacts on communities.

climate change book

To order your copy of the book, click here

For more information please also refer to resources and publications produced by enliven (SECHP Inc.)