enliven are thrilled to announce that we were awarded the Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award 2021. This is an international award presented every two years recognising an outstanding contribution to advancing plain language.

Why is plain language important?

Using plain language means that your audience can quickly and easily understand your documents and what you say.  It helps your audience to read, understand and use the information you are giving them.  Plain language is direct, everyday language and plain language benefits everyone. Using Plain language in any sector will benefit your clients, patients, and/or customers.  Whether you work in health, community or social services, or any other sector, we can assist you to use plain language to help you to communicate well with your clients and customers and give them what they want: information that is accessible and easy to understand.

What is health literacy?

Health literacy relates to how people access, understand, and use health information in ways that benefit their health.  People with low health literacy are at higher risk of worse health outcomes and poorer health behaviours.

Want to learn more?

enliven’s Plain Language and Health Literacy Services can help you to implement Plain Language into practice.

enliven can help you to:

  • identify your audience/s
  • write content that is easy-to-read
  • create effective materials in print formats
  • community test materials
  • build capacity across your organisation
  • use techniques to improve and test understanding during face to face interactions
  • create environments that are conducive to maximising understanding
  • audit and meet Health Literacy standards

enliven are proud to be members of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN). PLAIN continues to be the international association for plain language professionals and supporters that promotes clear communication in any language.