60% of all Australian adults have low health literacy and numeracy skills – being below what is considered the minimum needed to meet everyday life and work demands.

People’s health literacy significantly impacts the way in which they: seek out, understand and use information to make decisions about their health.

To make a real impact on health literacy we need to focus on making our organisations, workplaces and environments easy to find, simple to navigate and clear to understand.

How can we do this?

Learn online for free: using the Online Health Literacy Course, developed by the Victorian Primary Care Partnerships

enliven’s Health Literacy Services can help with a whole range of things health literacy related, including how to put this tool into practice!

Find out more about each of our services here:

enliven are proud to be members of the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN). PLAIN continues to be the international association for plain language professionals and supporters that promotes clear communication in any language.