Project overview

Feed Happiness was an innovative social media campaign undertaken by nineteen organisations in Melbourne’s Southern Metropolitan Region in February 2021. In a region-first approach, and in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ‘lock-down’ of metropolitan Melbourne in 2020, the campaign focused on the promotion of healthy eating to support good mental health. Feed Happiness involved collaboration between all partner organisations to develop and promote campaign messaging, supported by capacity building workshops and consultancy from Common Cause Australia and Ellis Jones. The campaign was delivered via Facebook and Instagram over four weeks.


An evaluation was undertaken by members of the project Steering Group following the completion of the campaign. The final Evaluation Report, Appendices or Snapshot Infographic are available to view or download via the links below:

Feed Happiness Campaign Snapshot

Feed Happiness Evaluation Report 2021 

Feed Happiness Evaluation Report 2021 – Appendices


‘Feed Happiness’ Campaign Assets

Get ready to #FeedHappiness! Launching on Monday the 8th of February 2021, the ‘Feed Happiness’ campaign will kick off it’s month-long effort to educate and empower our Southern Metropolitan Melbourne communities in recognising and understanding the link between healthy eating and positive mental health. Together with Common Cause Australia and Ellis Jones, nineteen health organisations and local councils have come together to co-develop this exciting campaign, and show their collective support for promoting better health outcomes for families and young people in our region.

Organisations can show their support and spread the #FeedHappiness message in a range of ways. Below is a suite of assets and resources to assist communications and health promotion practitioners in crafting engaging social media posts, writing newsletter articles, and sharing other digital content.

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Please note: These images are not to be shared or posted on social media prior to the campaign launch date [Monday 8th of February 2021]

Social Media Toolkit

This toolkit is for community and health organisations who would like to support the ‘Feed Happiness’ campaign. It contains background information, states how your organisation can get involved, lists official campaign channels and hashtags, and provides examples of social media executions to introduce the campaign to your community. In addition to creating your own tailored posts, organisations are also encouraged to follow and share content directly from the ‘Feed Happiness’ social media accounts throughout the campaign.

Campaign Media Release [08/02/21]
Media Release Feed Happiness [PDF]
Media Release Feed Happiness [docx]

Social Media Assets

Social Media Tile 1 [1200 x 1200]

Social Media Tile 2 [1200 x 1200]

Social Media Tile 3 [1200 x 1200]

Social Media Tile 4 [1200 x 1200]

Social Media Tile 5 [1200 x 1200]

Cover Image [1640 x 720]

EDM Header [1400 x 400]

Newsletter copy [Microsoft Word version]
Feed Happiness Newsletter Copy