enliven can help you look at the environment that clients and community members experience when they come to your workplace.

We look at everything from the reception area, to meeting spaces and consulting rooms, as well as any other areas that people may visit.

We can help you identify areas for improvement and make recommendations on how to make your workplace easier to access and navigate.

You can get in touch with a member of the team on (03) 9791 1768 or at healthliteracy@enliven.org.au


Quote: “The environmental scan played a crucial role in enabling SMRC to change its main reception area to be more culturally appropriate and welcoming to clients. The report provided an independent evaluation which gave the organisation guidance on improvements to the area as well as making the space more efficient. SMRC has started implementing the changes suggested and has requested a quote to change the front desk, install computer spaces, paint the area, install chairs, Afghan cushions and purchase culturally appropriate artifacts. The first stage of the renovations has already occurred with the first consulting room now having SMRC frosted glass, new paint, and an arena for medical and allied health services.” Caroline Radowski. Director, Client Services Southern Migrant Refugee Centre