Climate and health focus groups (online)

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About the project

This focus group is part of a mixed-methods research project by enliven Victoria and Victoria University. This project will help to increase understanding of the types of knowledge and awareness of climate change and its link to human health in South East Melbourne. Data provided by this project will help local organisations plan and respond better to health impacts of climate change in our community.

The project focuses on two key research questions:  

  1. What is the range of knowledge, awareness, values, attitudes and behaviours of the interrelationship between climate change and health within communities in South East Melbourne.
  2. What cohorts of the community in South East Melbourne have the most limited knowledge, understanding and capacity surrounding climate change and health, and what the barriers and facilitators to action among these cohorts?  

Project outcomes

  • Increasing the capacity of health and community organisations to understand and monitor current levels of understanding of climate change and health among their community as well as associated barriers towards action 
  • The development of a detailed plan to co-design a communications toolkit for local community and health services to address and respond to diverse understandings of climate change and health within the South East Melbourne community 
  • The increase of community interest and understanding about the links between climate change and human health. 

Climate and Health Survey

As part of this project, we also have a short online survey. Click here to find out more.


Ethics approval has been received from Victoria University to undertake this study (HRE22-025). This project is funded by Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation.