Child FIRST teams are run by registered community services. They aim to assess the most appropriate service to provide help to a child of concern and their family. If Child FIRST believes that the child is in need of protection, they must report the case to Child Protection.
Business Phone Number
Other contact details
Cardinia (03) 9705 3939 Cardinia Aborginal Childern and Families (03) 9794 5973; Casey (03) 9705 3939 Casey Aborginal Childern and Families (03) 9794 5973; Dandenong (03) 9705 3939 Dandenong Aborginal Childern and Families (03) 9794 5973
South East
Service Areas in the South East
City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey, Cardinia Shire
Referral Type
Child FIRST receives phone referrals from professionals as well as parents where the referrer believes the family would benefit from parenting support, and has receive the parents’consent to make the referral on their behalf.
Eligibility requirement
Referring to Child FIRST should be considered where any of the following factors are involved: significant parenting problems that may be affecting the child’s development, family conflict (including family breakdown), families under pressure due to a family member’s physical or mental illness, substance abuse, disability or bereavement, young, isolated and/or unsupported families, or significant social or economic disadvantage that may adversely impact on a child’s care or development.