To help work environments reduce the spread of COVID-19 transmission, all Victorian businesses and community venues are required to have a Victorian Government QR Code Service and COVIDSafe Plan.

Victorian Government QR Code Service

All Victorian businesses and community venues with onsite operations must register for the Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in:

  • workers
  • volunteers
  • customers
  • clients
  • contractors, and
  • any other visitors on arrival.

This is important for contact tracing if there is a possible COVID-19 outbreak.

Register for your free QR code.

More information about the QR code service.

Make sure that the posters are displayed in an area that is easy for people to check-in.

COVIDSafe Plan

Businesses and community venues are also required to have a completed COVIDSafe Plan and apply the six principles for COVIDSafe workplaces:

  • practice physical distancing, where possible
  • wear a face mask
  • practise good hygiene
  • keep electronic records and act quickly
  • avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  • create workforce bubbles.

A COVIDSafe Plan helps to protect staff, customers, visitors, and the community. It also prepares a business or community venue for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the workplace.

A COVIDSafe Plan should be printed and completed and kept on-site at the workplace where it is easy to find.

English COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF


Arabic COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF



Hazaragi-COVIDSafe-Plan-Small-Business (1) 

Hindi COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF

Khmer-COVIDSafe-Plan-Small-Business (1)

Punjabi COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF

Simplified Chinese COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF






Traditional Chinese COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF



Vietnamese COVIDSafe Plan Template PDF

More information about the COVIDSafe Plan.


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