Membership categories and eligibility

SEHCP Inc., herein after referred to as enliven, has 2 categories of membership:

1. Organisational members (voting members)
Not-for-profit bodies that support the purposes of enliven (includes government bodies).

2. Associate members (non-voting members)
Any other individual or body that supports the purposes of enliven is eligible to be an associate member.

Note: “body” includes incorporated and unincorporated bodies, and parts of incorporated and unincorporated bodies.
An unincorporated body, or part of an incorporated or unincorporated body may only become a member by nominating an individual or incorporated body to be a member on its behalf.

Application approval
Applications for membership are subject to enliven Board approval. Applicants will be notified in writing whether the application has been approved or rejected.

Membership subscriptions
The membership period is 1 July to 30 June each year. The annual subscription is $50 for all members. Upon acceptance of membership by enliven, an invoice will be issued to the applicant via email.