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New fact sheets are available to support the sector in the lead-up to the home care reforms on 27 February 2017. Fact sheets include information on the operational changes required to support the reforms address common questions and themes emerging from the webinar series.  New fact sheets will be regularly uploaded.  To view all the fact sheets, please click here.


The South East Melbourne Primary Health Network adopted a South Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local web-based dementia tool which recently went live. Please click here to access the tool. Some tips to use the Tool:

  • It has a full view and tree view
  • There is a video explanation
  • Otherwise you can step through it using the start and next buttons
  • It won͛t work if you are in the cloud


ECCV has released its ageing portfolio papers at its aged care forum on 27 October 2016. The  idea  of  the  papers  is  to  stimulate  discussion  across  a  wide  range  of  multicultural community  organisation;  providers  of  health  and  aged  care  services;  Government  at  all levels;  in  the  area  of  training  and  education;  at  the  individual  level  and  in  the  wider community.

Topics of the portfolio papers include:

  • Multicultural policy advocacy for seniors;
  • Multicultural seniors association;
  • Digital literacy; and
  • Aged care workforce

The papers can be found on the ECCV website by clicking here.

Activity Cards—Creating Conversations that Support Choice
Developed by Bairnsdale Regional Health Service the cards show images of individual and group activities and everyday life events. The images generate conversations and interaction with conversation prompts for staff and carers.

Contact Liz Brown, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Email:

“Know Your Risk Factors”
Brochures available in the following languages (Serbian, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabic and Cantonese.
Order from (03) 9321 1530 or email

Transition of HACC services
The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments recently signed the agreement on transitioning responsibilities for aged care and disability services in Victoria. This agreement includes the transfer of HACC services for people aged 65 and over (50 and over for indigenous people) to the Commonwealth for funding and management from 1 July 2016. Fact sheets are available for both Service Providers and Clients can be found by clicking the links below:
Further information will be posted on the DHHS Transition webpage as it comes to hand. If you have any questions, you can contact the DHHS HACC Transition Team by emailing or the DHHS program and service advisor in your DHHS regional office.



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